Vincent van der Meer

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Studied life sciences (molecular biology) in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Started his career as an IT consultant, moved to the Medical Device industry 9 years ago because he was intrigued by the challenges one of his clients – a Medical Device manufacturer – faced in their Quality Management System as well as regulatory challenges regarding their products.
Since then, Mr. van der Meer worked with a variety of products throughout his carreer, from self-certified class I disposables and class IIb advanced wound dressings up to high-risk (class III) biodegradable soft-tissue implants, in several positions from QA/RA support to QA/RA specialist and eventually as Director QA/RA and R&D.
As a QA/RA consultant, combine his history and knowledge for non-active and active medical devices (including software-as-a-medical-device) and always keeps an eye on the latest tech developments in our industry.


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