An introduction to eSource and eCOASave on papers, save the planet!

Conducted by: Ms. Tanya du Plessis
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An Introduction to electronic source (eSource) and electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA).

The session focuses on the differences between eSource, eCOA and traditional EDC trials, as well as their respective Pro’s and Con’s.  

Date:  1 December, 2021
Course location: Zoom Course
Duration: A half-day Course
Hours: 16:30 - 19:30
Credits: 1
Course Language: English

Course price: ₪975 + VAT
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Issues to be covered

  • Defining eSource
    • What exactly is eSource data on a clinical trial?
    • Are we already using eSource data?
    • What type of data can/could be eSource?
  • Reasons for using eSource
    • Understanding data capture on a site level
    • When is eSource possible and when not
  • Where does eCOA fit in
    • What is eCOA?
    • What are the types of eCOA?
    • Why is this important and which gaps is this filling
  • Management of eSource data
    • What makes eSource different?
    • Required adaptations
    • The practical implications
    • Status reporting
    • Challenges
  • Understanding the market
    • eSource vs EDC
    • The challenges in using an eSource approach
    • The limitations
    • The drivers
    • The hesitancies
  • Preparing for eSource data
    • Preparing for eSource data capture
    • Change in our approach
    • Changes in our processes
    • Additional considerations

Who should attend

  • Site coordinators
  • CRA’s, CTA’s
  • Clinical leads
  • Data Managers and Data Management leads
  • Anyone else who is part of a study team for a clinical trial who would like to understand the different ways to capture study data

Benefits to the Participants

  • Understanding the industry definitions
  • Understanding how these technologies can be applied in clinical trials
  • Understanding how to select the best fit for specific trials

About The Lecturer

Tanya du Plessis
M.Med.Sc, the University of the Free State/Universiteit van die Vrystaat
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