Is your Clinical Data Ready for Submission Day?

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In December 2014 the FDA published the long-awaited binding guidance documents regarding submission of study data in standardized formats. The guidance requires submissions to be submitted using the CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standardization Consortium) data standards starting December 2016 and covers all NDAs, ANDAs and most BLA submissions.
It is important to note that this guidance is binding – submissions that do not follow the required standards will not be filed or received by the FDA, meaning if you don’t comply you could receive a refuse to file letter

So, what do you need to do?   

Bioforum has been preparing clinical study data for submissions using the CDISC standards for over 7 years, converting and reviewing over 200 studies to date. We invite you to attend the morning session on October 22 where we will provide a brief introduction on these standards, the submission options available and the main aspects that need to be evaluated by sponsor when preparing clinical data for submission.

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Target Audience:
This symposium is a perfect learning session for Regulatory affairs and Clinical Data Managers.

Registration will be pre-approved by Bioforum

Is your Clinical Data Ready for Submission Day?
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