Quality Metrics
Measuring and Reporting as Tools for Improvement and Changing Behaviors

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תאריך: 20 יוני 2016
מיקום הקורס: כפר המכביה, רמת גן
קטגוריה: איכות
מידע כללי
משך הפעילות: יום לימודים מלא
שעות:  09:00-17:00
עלות: 1,950 ש"ח + מע"מ
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מק''ט: 16263
שפת הקורס: עברית
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FDA has issued a draft guidance on quality metrics.  MHRA already has a risk-based inspection program based on metrics reporting.  With world wide drug shortages, the ability to provide a reliable supply of essential medicinal products is increasingly critical.  Without measurement it is impossible to know how your company is doing.
This workshop will focus on measurement, reporting and moving from reaction to prevention as a tool for reducing the cost of quality and improving quality, profitability and for meeting timelines while ensuring regulatory compliance.  It will look at what constitutes a quality culture vs anti-culture and how to decide what metrics really matter.

קהל היעד

This course is suitable for:
Anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry including Company General Managers, Managing Directors (GMPs and ICH Q10 focusing on management leadership) hospital pharmacists, QPs, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and other quality professionals, Operations Managers, production managers, Research and Development, persons working in technology transfer, personnel working in pharmaceutical Active substance and finished product manufacture as well as distributors, brokers, wholesale dealers and anyone involved in the manufacture of starting materials, Active Substances, finished pharmaceuticals or involved in the handling, processing or sale or administration of any of these.  Persons involved in clinical trials and manufacture and administration of Investigational Medicinal Products will also find the course very useful.

התועלת שתופק

Participants will come away from this course understanding what metrics are and how to develop useful and relevant measures of quality that can be used to change organizational behaviors.

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תכני הקורס

Together with Karen Ginsbury, the workshop facilitator, participants will explore:

  • FDA’s draft guidance and the metrics they want reported
  • MHRA’s approach to metrics
  • Elements of quality vs anti-quality culture
  • Pre-requisites for measuring quality (engaging senior management)
  • The maturity grid and self-scoring
  • The critical few – which metrics matter
  • Data collection plans – how should data be collected, analyzed, presented
  • The wrong metrics and unintended consequences
  • Cost of Quality (cost of conformance / cost of non-conformance)
  • Scorecards and dashboards
  • Statistics for everyone and how to present data in a useful manner
  • The power of walking the floor

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בוגרת תואר ראשון ברוקחות ותואר שני במיקרוביולוגיה מאוניברסיטה של לונדון.
קרן החלה את הכשרתה המקצועית בתעשייה הפרמצבטית במחלקת המו"פ של חברת Smith & Nephew באנגליה. מאז ועד היום היא ממשיכה את דרכה בתעשייה הביו-רפואית
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