Risk Management in Aseptic Processing

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מיקום הקורס: כפר המכביה, רמת גן
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משך הפעילות: 2 ימי לימודים מלאים
שעות:  09:00-17:00
עלות: 3,900 ש"ח + מע"מ
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שפת הקורס: עברית
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Chapter 1 and Annex 1 of the EU GMPs (and therefore the Israeli GMPs) require the application of risk management principles in aseptic processing.  In fact these requirements have been in place for many years, yet numerous companies do not yet have rigorous risk assessments in place for these activities.  Aseptic processing consists of numerous activities, each one with the potential for introduction of contamination.  There are hundreds of individual risk reduction measures which need to be controlled and monitored.  In the absence of a formal risk management program, sooner or later there will be contamination episodes. 

קהל היעד

This course is suitable for any person involved in aseptic processing: engineering, maintenance, house-keeping, manufacture, quality control, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and any other discipline that interfaces with operations including laboratories especially microbiology laboratory

Risk Management in Aseptic Processing
התועלת שתופק

This two day course in intended to help participants understand the application of risk management principles in aseptic processing so that they can prevent contamination episodes.

השאר פרטים למידע נוסף
  • שם מלא
  • דוא''ל
  • טלפון
  • הערות
  • שלח
תכני הקורס
  • Regulations, guidance and recent warning letters relating to aseptic processing and quality risk management
  • Case studies: identify what could go wrong, using process flow diagrams for aseptic processing
  • 6M’s vs process as brainstorming technique with fishbone diagram
  • FMEA – why might it go wrong
  • RPN – identify the likelihood of occurrence and likelihood of detection while documenting existing controls
  • Risk acceptance
  • Risk monitoring – identifying CCPs (Critical Control Points) and monitoring means for those
  • Risk register – how to manage critical controls
  • Risk review
  • Lifecycle – periodic improvement of the risk assessment
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